How does FXGTSS guarantee the quality of steel structure products?
Founded in June 2017, Dalian Fuxin Guangsheng Trading Co., Ltd. has independent import and export rights. Its business scope: import and export of goods and technology. We support the processing and production of welding structural parts, prefabricated buildings, engineering equipment, machining parts, molds and other products, with safe and reliable product quality. The company's business address is guangningsi community, Shilibao street, Dalian Free Trade Zone, with 9 business employees. Since its establishment, the company has continued to carry out the export business of steel structure products in Singapore, Japan and Germany. Complete the foreign exchange settlement business of SGD, JPY and USD.

The company's quality management system operates effectively and meets the requirements of international management standards. Our company continuously strengthens the quality management, runs the quality management throughout the whole process of steel structure production and manufacturing, continuously improves the quality management level, deeply promotes the construction of quality management system, and provides high-quality products and services for customers and market. Dalian Fuxin Guangsheng Trading Co., Ltd. guarantees the quality of products through complete product management system, product quality control content and professional technical guidance of foreign experts. Customers have different requirements for products, but our factory has its own product implementation standards, as follows:

1. Document review

2. Raw material inspection

3. Inspection and test during material preparation

4. Inspection and test during panel manufacturing

5. Inspection and test of panel coating

6. Each engineering product has a complete production process archived data, including material tracking number, welding number, welder number, tracking inspection qualification confirmation number, contract, drawing, shipping packing list, shipping destination, third-party inspection information, production Time to complete the construction period.

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