What are the specific acceptance codes of your company's steel structure?
Steel structure is one of the more common structural forms in modern construction engineering. Steel structure engineering is a structure mainly made of steel. The construction of steel structure is extremely important and not sloppy, so the quality acceptance at the beginning of the construction is very important, which is related to the future safety. Dalian Fuxin Guangsheng Trading Co., Ltd. was established in June 2017 and has independent import and export rights. The company's business scope: import and export of goods and technology. We support the processing and production of welded structural parts, prefabricated buildings, engineering equipment, machined parts and molds. The product quality is safe and reliable. The content introduced below is the content and focus of our steel structure acceptance code.
The first thing to check is the quality self-inspection report. In this report, the construction of the steel structure of the house under construction needs to be introduced one by one, and the content must be complete.
Steel structure acceptance code. During the acceptance, the construction quality data provided for the steel structure project are as follows:

1. The factory quality certification documents for steel and steel castings, as well as the re-inspection report that requires sample re-inspection. Factory quality certificate and sampling re-inspection report of important steel structure welding materials.
2. Quality certificate of anti-corrosion and fire-proof coating products for steel structure;
3. Steel structure assembly record;
4. Construction drawings, completion drawings and design change documents of the steel structure;
5. Inspection record of anticorrosion and fireproof coating of steel structure;
6. Steel structure engineering inspection batches, sub-items, and sub-project quality acceptance records;
7. Verification records of engineering quality control data of the main structure division;
8. Engineering safety and functional inspection and sampling inspection records of the main structure division;
9. Records of inspection and quality inspection of the main structure division project.

Our company adheres to the concept of "green environmental protection, safety first, quality first", based on a new management model, perfect technical business, thoughtful service, excellent quality, continuous high-quality service, continuous improvement of management, adhere to customer first In order to provide customers with satisfactory products and good service, pursue win-win and common development with customers, and strive to build a sustainable and excellent enterprise.

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