What is the construction safety work of steel structure workshop?
    At present, the demand for steel structure workshops in industrial projects is increasing. The steel structure workshops are favored by people because of their simple construction, short construction period and high utilization rate. The steel structure workshop is a relatively perfect construction method in the current standard construction industry. The construction process has something in common with the concrete structure, but there are also differences. Its spraying and installation, welding and welding work are more. Therefore, the construction safety of the steel structure workshop is a crucial task. The construction safety points of the steel structure workshop have the following three points:
    1. Safety precaution and guarantee system before construction
Fully prepared in advance is the beginning of all successful safety work. Adequate advance preparation in advance can exceed the practical effect of doing more with less. The management personnel should make the construction staff clear the necessity of safe construction before starting construction. Strict workers who all enter the construction site must wear safety helmets. In addition to wearing safety helmets, climbers should also pay attention to pedestrians and wear anti-slip and anti-electric shock shoes.
For high-risk work areas, prominent protective signs and safety protection countermeasures should be set up, and full-time personnel should be assigned to take care of them. Safety protection nets should be installed for the perforated areas and free surfaces of the concrete floors of double-layer steel structure workshops. When carrying out the installation of machinery and equipment, we must first test industrial equipment and raw materials, and carefully check whether they are in line with all normal working specifications and models. During the installation phase, all the lifting and hoisting commanders and operators must have professional qualification certificates before being allowed to work.
     2. Safety precautions in the scaffolding stage
The installation, application and dismantling of scaffolding are related to the smooth development of the whole construction process. Only when the scaffolding structure is firm can the safety factor of high-rise construction be guaranteed. Therefore, when setting up scaffolding, it is necessary to strictly implement the standard implementation of the construction plan. The scaffold support point system software should be based on solid and reliable standards. If it encounters unique conditions such as large-scale support point bents, it is necessary to establish a unique construction organization design according to the actual operating standards of the construction specifications.
   3. Steel frame structure hoisting safety and protection
The lifting stage is a frequent stage of safety risks in the construction management method of steel structure engineering. Because the lifting process is complicated and belongs to the ascending operation, the risk factor index is relatively high. Therefore, for the staff on the spot to ascend, they should also create a personal file of the staff, equipped with a badge and a serial number for the technical work type. Carry out pre-construction study and training, safety common sense education and test questions, pre-shift cultural education, labor tool equipment registration form, daily self-correction and self-examination and mutual inspection form for construction workers who arrive on the spot. According to the theme education of prevention awareness and relatively sound staff tracking system software to ensure that the person in charge at each stage has a clear grasp of the status of the work of each practitioner on the spot.
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