How to ensure the construction progress of the steel structure workshop?

How to ensure the construction progress of the steel structure workshop?

How to ensure the construction progress of the steel structure workshop?
The steel structure workshop is widely used, durable, practical and beautiful, and the construction cost is reasonable. In recent years, it has been loved by people. Steel structure workshop mainly refers to that the main load-bearing components are composed of steel. Including steel columns, steel beams, steel structure foundation, steel roof truss, etc. The following Dalian Fuxin Guangsheng Trading Co., Ltd. will detail how to ensure the construction process and guarantee system of the steel structure workshop.

1. Formulate the construction schedule:
According to its engineering characteristics, on-site and social conditions, geomorphic characteristics, construction standards, natural environment, time of construction, human capital, and technical aspects of construction, rapid construction is carried out under the premise of ensuring project quality, civilized and safe construction, and formulating The corresponding construction schedule plan.

2. The specific implementation of the construction schedule:
Create a regular meeting system, hold a manufacturing meeting every week, make a phased summary, a weekly engineering meeting, assign inspection progress, a daily inspection meeting, and check the progress of work. Problems that hinder progress in the construction and harmonization of various technical professions should be dealt with immediately at the regular meeting to ensure the progress of the overall target construction period. At the same time, it is necessary to pay attention to the quality of raw materials, production and processing, transportation plans, etc. and send people to follow up and check to provide quality assurance for the implementation of the construction schedule.

3. The guarantee system for the construction schedule plan:
1. Apply dynamic management plan, persevere in monthly balance and weekly production scheduling to ensure the execution of the construction progress operation plan. Scientifically arranging the technological process, under the premise of ensuring construction safety and engineering quality, flexibly use the construction indoor space, the main project installation of the scientific research institution, and the construction of the accurate measurement of the behavior of the main body cross-type work.
2. Strictly guarantee the construction quality of the technological process, ensure that the project acceptance is qualified, and avoid rework.
3. The construction of the project is strong and comprehensive, and involves a wide range. Special attention should be paid to construction survey and steel frame installation. In order to ensure the construction period, when the project is started, each unlikely element should be carefully completed, and the construction should be prepared in advance to prevent the delay of the construction period.

4. The professional level of the construction team:
In order to ensure the progress of the construction period, our company will select workers with high-tech professional qualities for construction and installation. With high level and excellent collaboration capabilities, we can ensure the construction progress and smooth delivery within the construction period.

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