How does Fuxin Guangsheng build a first-class light steel villa?
With the continuous development of the steel structure industry in China, the steel structure technology is becoming more and more mature. Nowadays, steel structure products have penetrated into various fields, and new types of light steel structure houses have been established in rural areas. This new type of house is also being accepted and affirmed by people. As a well-known brand building light steel structure houses, Fuxin Guangsheng Light Steel Villa has built a villa-like living environment for many consumers.

The light steel keel used in our company's light steel villas has abandoned the galvanized keel used in industry practice, and the hot corrosion-resistant aluminum-galvanized keel used in the house has a longer service life and higher material recycling value. Insulation materials are also constantly innovating. Formaldehyde-free environmentally friendly cotton is used to replace plexiglass fiber cotton, so as to achieve no itchiness during construction, blisters do not deteriorate, and long-term shelf life. Even small screws are different The company's many innovations in the use of prefabricated light steel villa materials are to ensure the quality of the house for 100 years.

Our company's light steel villas are constructed with three connection methods, welded joints, bolted joints and rivet joints. The welded joints do not weaken the cross section of the light steel keel, which is easy to manufacture, has high connection rigidity, and good sealing performance. Automated operation can be used under the high production efficiency. The bolt connection is easy to install, especially suitable for installation and connection on site, and also convenient for disassembly. It is suitable for installation and disassembly structures and temporary connections. The rivet connection has good plasticity and toughness, and the quality is easy to check and ensure. It can be used in heavy-duty and direct load-bearing structures.

The light steel villas built by our company have many innovations in materials to ensure its quality, and use advanced technology in connection methods to ensure its stability. After testing by relevant departments, for the earthquakes below 8 and the typhoons below 12 It is very protective, and people can be more at ease in this kind of living environment. Our company always starts from the details and builds on the quality to create the most perfect light steel villa.

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