How to enter and accept the raw materials of FXGTSS steel components?
In recent years, during the rapid development of China's construction industry, the total number of capital construction and the scale of steel structure engineering projects have continued to develop. Therefore, there have been more and more vicious events in engineering construction, which have seriously damaged the steel structure engineering and even the entire project. Construction safety at the construction site. In the next step, our company will take the steel structure workshop as the goal, analyze and summarize the various risk sources that are often encountered throughout the construction process of the steel structure workshop, and analyze and discuss the safety prevention measures of the risk sources. Mobilize and accept raw materials for steel components:

1. After transporting the steel components to the site and loading and unloading the cargo on the site, stack them at a specific location in a specific temporary storage site.
2. The transportation and mobilization of steel components and their raw materials should be allocated according to the installation schedule. The mobilization of steel components and materials shall be carried out at least one or two days before each component determined according to the plan is lifted. Components that must be assembled one week in advance on site must undergo component inspection and completion acceptance. In order to mobilize parts and raw materials, the limitations of the installation yard must be considered, the connection between the installation site and production, processing and production must be fully utilized, and the installation work must be carried out in an orderly manner.
3. After the components are on site, please check whether the total number and serial number of the components are in compliance with the following freight logistics details and whether the components are supporting facilities. If any problems are found, please notify the manufacturer to take effective measures quickly to disassemble, replace or fill the components to ensure that the core is urgent on site.
4. Strictly implement the relevant regulations and standards of engineering drawings, check and accept the quality of parts, and make records.
5. The manufacturer should maintain the components that exceed the standard and are damaged during transportation before installation. However, for minor damage, the installation company can also carry out on-site decoration.

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