What are the quality requirements for steel structure professional supervision engineers?
The construction supervisors of the steel structure must be equipped with professional technical personnel such as steel structure materials, steel structure design and manufacturing technology, welding, assembly and lifting, measurement, non-destructive testing and steel structure coating according to the characteristics of the steel structure construction. The steel structure supervision engineer needs to have the following quality requirements:

(1) Material supervision engineers should possess theoretical knowledge and application characteristics of materials such as steel plates, steel sections, pipes, high-strength bolts, paints, welding rods, welding wire fluxes, and gases, be familiar with relevant specifications and standards, and master the technical requirements and tests of various materials And inspection conditions and procedures.
(2) Structural supervision engineers should have general theoretical knowledge in the design and manufacture of steel structures, have extensive practical experience in the manufacture of steel structures, be familiar with the manufacturing standards and acceptance specifications of steel structure projects at home and abroad, and master various types of steel structures The structural characteristics and manufacturing key of the project.
(3) Welding supervision engineers should have a wealth of theoretical knowledge and practical experience in the welding process of various materials, be familiar with domestic and foreign welding codes and standards, weld inspection standards and welding process evaluation requirements, and master the characteristics of various welding process methods And control key.
(4) Non-destructive testing supervision engineers should have the qualifications of non-destructive testing personnel recognized by the relevant authorized departments of the country, and have a certain number of years of experience in non-destructive testing of steel structures. Evaluation, analysis, familiar with non-destructive testing standards and specifications at home and abroad.
(5) The coating supervision engineer should be rich in the pre-treatment of steel structure coating, the requirements and acceptance of the coating process, the matching of the coating materials, the requirements for use, various coating processes, the characteristics and characteristics of the coating materials, etc. Knowledge and work experience, familiar with the domestic and foreign standards and specifications of painting process and materials, and master various inspection and testing methods during painting construction.
(6) The structural supervision engineer should be a professional with years of work experience in steel structure assembly and hoisting, should be familiar with the basic characteristics of steel structure members, master the construction assembly and hoisting process of steel structure, and be able to according to the characteristics of steel structure Request, analyze and evaluate various assembly and hoisting process plans, and put forward your own suggestions.
(7) Surveying supervision engineers should possess corresponding surveying qualifications, be familiar with structural surveying standards and specifications, master the use of surveying instruments such as total stations, level gauges, and theodolites, and have certain engineering surveying experience. A

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