What are the requirements for on-site civilized construction of steel structures?
To achieve civilized construction of steel structure projects, not only focus on on-site management, but also on-site materials, machinery, safety, technology, security, fire protection and sanitation management.
1. Requirements for construction site management
1. A simple and regular gate should be set at the entrance of the construction site, and there must be an obvious sign beside the gate, indicating the name of the project, the name of the construction unit and the person in charge of the project, etc.
2. Establish a civilized construction responsibility system, divide the area, clarify the person in charge of management, implement the listing system, and make the site clean and tidy.
3. The on-site construction of temporary hydropower must be managed by a dedicated person, and there must be no long running water or long lights.
4. Temporary facilities on the construction site, such as production, office, residential buildings, warehouses, temporary water supply and drainage pipelines, and lighting and power lines, must be arranged, erected, or buried in strict accordance with the construction plan determined by the construction organization design.
5. The worker's operation place and surroundings must be clean and tidy, so that the feet can be cleaned after work and the site should be cleared after work.
6. Strict finished product protection measures are required to prevent damage to contaminated finished products and blockage of pipelines.
7. The rubbish and dirt removed in the building should be discharged through the temporarily built shaft or the elevator shaft or other measures to take it down safely, and can not be thrown out from the door and window.
8. The construction site must not pile up garbage and residues. Temporary storage points should be set up in appropriate locations, and they should be shipped out regularly. For the removal and transportation of slag, garbage and fluid items, cover and leak-proof measures shall be taken, and they shall not be left on the way.
9. According to the nature of the project and the different conditions in the area, take the necessary protection and shelter measures to keep the appearance clean.
10. Set up propaganda slogans and blackboard newspapers on the construction site, and change the content in a timely manner, which can play a role in praising advanced and promoting backwardness.
11. Family members are strictly forbidden on the construction site. Residents, family members and children are strictly prohibited from walking and playing on the construction site.
2. Requirements for on-site machinery management
1. The mechanical equipment used on site should be stored at fixed points according to the plan layout, observe the safety rules of the machine, and keep the fuselage and surrounding environment clean. The marking and number of the machine are obvious, and the safety device is reliable.
2. The sewage discharged from the cleaning machinery should be discharged, and there should be no flow phenomenon.
In short, regular inspections should be organized in 8 areas: safety protection, mechanical safety, electricity safety, fire protection, site management, material management, environmental protection, and environmental hygiene.
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