What are the fire and corrosion prevention measures for steel structures?
As modern buildings increasingly pursue individuality and fashion, steel structures are used in many super high-rise buildings and large-span buildings. Because steel structures are used in open-air buildings, they are subject to wind and sun and rain all year round. The fire protection and anti-corrosion ability of the structure is particularly important, so how to do fire prevention and anti-corrosion measures in the process of processing the steel structure?
Due to the poor corrosion resistance and fire resistance of steel, corresponding protective work needs to be done when building steel structures, such as spraying anti-rust paint or fireproof paint, to extend the service life of steel structures and improve the durability of steel structures Both sex and economic efficiency are of great significance. The protection of the steel structure mainly includes the fire protection measures and corrosion prevention measures of the steel structure.
The fire resistance of the steel structure is poor. Therefore, fire protection is required for the steel structural members in the building. For example, concrete or other fireproof materials are coated outside the steel structure, or fireproof coating is sprayed on the surface of the component. For fire protection materials used in steel structures, materials with good thermal insulation properties or large heat capacity should be selected and belong to fire protection coatings or fire protection plates that have been tested and qualified by national authoritative testing agencies.
The anti-corrosion measures of steel structure can generally be divided into the following four categories:
1. Adopt weathering steel with anti-corrosion ability, use the anti-corrosion ability of steel itself.
2. The use of hot-dip galvanizing, thermal spraying aluminum composite coating for steel surface treatment and other long-term anti-corrosion methods, so that the anti-corrosion life of the steel structure reaches 20-30 years or even longer.
3. Adopting the coating method, that is, coating (spraying) paint or other anti-corrosion coatings on the surface of the steel structure, the durability of which is 5-10 years.
4. Use cathodic protection measures for underwater or underground steel structures.
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