What are the connection methods of steel structure?
Steel structure connection refers to the interconnection between steel structure members or components. Steel structure connection is usually welded connection, bolt connection or rivet connection. The bolt connection is divided into ordinary bolt connection and high strength bolt connection. The specific contents of the three methods will be described in detail below:
Weld joint
Welding is the main connection method of the steel structure, with the advantages of saving labor and materials and high production efficiency. The welding seam connection in the steel structure is mainly arc welding (that is, at the connection of the component, the high temperature generated by the arc melts the electrode or welding wire metal placed in the welding part to connect the components together). Arc welding is divided into manual welding, automatic welding and semi-automatic welding.
Welding stress and deformation During welding, due to local heating of the connected members and uneven cooling after welding, welding residual stress and welding deformation will occur, and its size is related to the cross-sectional shape of the welded member, the position of the weld and the welding process. Welding deformation can cause initial defects in the component. Measures should be taken to design the welding structure and the construction process to reduce welding stress and welding deformation.
Ordinary bolt connection
Common bolted connectors include bolt rods, nuts and washers. Ordinary bolts are made of ordinary carbon structural steel or low alloy structural steel: there are two kinds of rough bolts and refined bolts. The rough bolts are made of unprocessed round rods, which are simple to manufacture and easy to install, and are used for the connection of secondary components or temporary fixation on the construction site. The refined bolts are made by cutting bar steel on a lathe.
High-strength bolt connection  
The high-strength bolt connector is composed of bolt rod, nut and washer. It is made of high strength steel through heat treatment. For the connection of high-strength bolts, tighten the high-strength bolts with a special wrench and apply the prescribed pretension. High-strength bolt shear connection is divided into friction type and shear compression type according to its force transmission method.
Rivet connection
The rivets are made of rivet steel with good upset performance. Rivet connection is formed by inserting a rivet with a prefabricated nail head at one end into the nail hole of the connected piece, and pressing the other end into a closed nail head with a rivet gun or a riveting machine. The toughness and plasticity of the rivet connection are relatively good. Generally used for large-span steel structures that bear large dynamic loads.
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