How to improve the production and installation accuracy of steel structure workshop?
In the construction industry, steel structure construction has gradually become popular, and steel structure workshops have also emerged, and the corresponding production, transportation and installation processes have also been paid more and more attention. How to further improve the production and installation accuracy of the steel structure workshop is a subject in the steel structure industry. Let's take a look at how to improve the accuracy of the production and installation of steel structure workshops.
1. Control of production and transportation of steel structure workshop
The precise production of steel structure factory building components is the basic condition for ensuring the overall structural accuracy and the smooth installation of steel structure factory buildings. Therefore, it is necessary to accurately grasp the straightness of the steel column, the distance from the connection hole of the column and the beam to the bottom plate of the column, the processing accuracy of the connection hole itself, the straightness of the roof beam and the processing accuracy of the connection plate of the column and beam, the relationship between the beam and the column The position and size of the rod or supporting connecting plate relative to the beam and column itself, the position and size of the purlin support plate, etc.
In order to avoid the deformation of columns, beams, tie rods and other connecting parts during transportation, the transportation company should be required to add more support points throughout the entire length when tying the members. The outer lashing should be firm to minimize the deformation of the component due to vibration or heavy pressure during transportation; two-point cranes are used during loading and unloading. If the component is too long, a pole should be used and the hanging point should be appropriately increased; when the component is stacked at the installation site The number of stacked layers should be reduced as much as possible, generally no more than 3 layers, at the same time, the support points should be appropriately increased to prevent compression deformation of components. Never relax the control of transportation, lifting, stacking, etc., otherwise, even if the production of the steel structure workshop components is accurate, the installation of the steel structure workshop will be delayed due to problems in the transportation and other links.
2. Quality control during installation of steel structure workshop
Before the installation of the steel structure workshop, it is necessary to do all the preparatory work. For example, before hoisting, the installer should re-test the component, and only when the component is not deformed and the installation size is correct, can the hoisting be performed. In addition, under the premise of confirming that the strength of the foundation concrete meets the requirements of the specification, the installer should also test the embedded bolts or cup openings of the steel column foundation. If there is a deviation in the position and elevation of the foundation, a record must be made of the location To adjust the position of the steel column.
Our company can custom design large-span environmentally-friendly steel structure workshops for customers. The material is Q235B or Q345B, the seismic strength can reach 7 grades, the surface treatment is blasted and derusted, grade ST3. Steel structure workshops can be used as warehouses, houses, light steel complex houses and other construction sites. The installation method adopts on-site hoisting assembly and bolt connection installation. The steel structure workshop has the advantages of large span, high strength, light weight, thermal insulation and energy saving, short construction time, good thermal insulation effect, long service life, space saving, good seismic performance and flexible layout.
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