What are the outstanding advantages of prefabricated light steel villas?
The light steel villa is a house building system made of light steel keel as the main material, together with other insulation and decoration materials, processed and produced by the factory and assembled on site. Light steel structure generally refers to a steel structure that bears a relatively light load, has a relatively small cross-section, and has a relatively light weight. The structural members are generally composed of cold-formed thin-walled steel, light steel pipes, welded I-beams, and light H-shaped steel; the seismic performance of light steel villas is far superior to that of traditional concrete and brick-concrete residences. At the same time, since the weight of the light steel structure is lighter than concrete, its basic treatment is simple and suitable for most geological conditions. The outstanding advantages of light steel villas are as follows:
1. Excellent house performance: strong earthquake resistance, moisture proof, sound insulation, heat insulation, waterproof, and environmentally friendly materials.
2. Beautiful appearance: The shape of the light steel villa can be designed according to customer requirements. The steel can be designed in any shape to make the house more attractive, and the construction difficulty is also lower. The beautiful villa can be built by installation.
3. Recyclable materials: Most of the materials of light steel villa construction are recyclable, which does not waste resources and can be recycled and reused.
4. Convenient house demolition: There is no need to use large equipment and machines during demolition, saving manpower cost and money cost, and a house can be demolished in a short time.
5. Safe and durable: the wall and roof structure and the inner wall panel structure are strong, the ability to resist horizontal load and vertical load is greatly improved, so the earthquake resistance and wind resistance are good.
6. Thermal insulation: The thermal insulation material used in the light steel villa is mainly glass fiber cotton, which has good thermal insulation effect and effectively avoids the cold bridge phenomenon of the wall.
7. Health: dry construction, reduce the pollution caused by waste to the environment, in line with current environmental awareness; the material is green building materials, meet the requirements of the ecological environment, is conducive to health.
The light steel villa designed and built by Dalian Fuxin Guangsheng Trading Co., Ltd. is a prefabricated building. The prefabricated light steel villa material is Q235B. Layer specifications can be customized according to customer requirements. The seismic strength can reach level 7. The surface is sandblasted and derusted. Anti-corrosion treatment with epoxy primer and polyurethane topcoat. It has the following advantages: the structure is firm and stable; the construction speed is fast, the construction period is short, the efficiency is high, and it is not affected by the season; ideal thermal insulation performance; seismic performance and durability; green and environmental protection, flexible structure.
Dalian Fuxin Guangsheng Trading Co., Ltd. was established in June 2017 and has independent import and export rights. The company's business scope includes import and export of goods and technology. Has a 12,000 square meters processing workshop. There are 9 business personnel and 86 employees in the processing factory. Since the establishment of the company, it has continued to develop steel structure products export business in Singapore, Japan and Germany. Complete the foreign exchange settlement business of SGD, JPY and USD. Our company supports the processing and production of welded structural parts, prefabricated buildings, engineering equipment, machined parts and molds. Our company takes green environmental protection, safety and efficiency, and quality first as its architectural concept. It has become a large-scale comprehensive steel structure import and export enterprise integrating steel structure design, processing and installation.

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