Why use dry construction for steel structure engineering?
    My country will gradually increase the proportion of steel structure construction in civil and industrial engineering projects, so that the proportion of steel structure output in the country's total steel output will continue to increase. The steel structure building that enjoys the reputation of ‘green building’ has been increasingly used in my country in recent years in factories, airports, warehouses, restaurants, gymnasiums, large markets and toll booths. With the continuous breakthrough of steel structure technical bottlenecks and the in-depth advancement of energy conservation and emission reduction work, the steel structure industry has great potential.

    The reason why the steel structure building is called "green building" is mainly based on its operating characteristics and recycling advantages, that is, most of the steel structure engineering works in the factory, so the noise interference in the construction is reduced. The water mixture of materials used in construction works. Such as plastering, pouring, wet tiling, wet tiling, etc. As the name suggests, wet work is relative to dry work. For example, stone work is wet work with cement mortar, dry work is just like cleaning the floor, wet work with a mop, and dry work with a broom or vacuum cleaner. Generally speaking, the dry operation of the steel structure project can greatly reduce the amount of tap water and cement, avoid water pollution, and play an environmental protection role. In terms of recycling of building materials, the steel materials in the steel structure buildings are not only easy to move when houses are demolished, but also can be fully recovered after simple treatment. In addition, compared with concrete buildings, steel structure buildings have a series of advantages, including: light weight, high emphasis, large structural span; strong earthquake resistance; small beam and column cross-section, which can increase the effective use area of ​​the house; construction Short construction period can reduce investment cost.

     In recent years, in order to promote the benign development of my country's steel construction industry and continuously improve its quality, my country has revised and revised a series of standards and specifications related to steel structures, and their release has laid the necessary technical foundation for the development of my country's steel structure industry. At the same time, China has also launched a special talent training program in the industry, and through regular holding of steel structure building quality analysis meetings, etc., guide enterprises to focus on quality and safety, and use high-quality projects to make steel structure buildings widely recognized by the society, especially in Vietnam. Steel buildings are seen in more and more civilian houses. In short, making full use of the advantages of national industrial policies, developing strengths and avoiding weaknesses, and creating high-quality steel structure projects are the 
industry development direction of my country's steel structure in the next few years.

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