How to paint steel structure workshop?
At present, China's industrial projects demand more and more steel structure workshop. Because of its advantages of simple construction, fast construction speed and recyclable, steel structure workshop is loved by people. The steel structure workshop is highly praised by the majority of users for its fast installation, strong waterproof, thermal insulation, environmental protection and energy saving. The following is a brief introduction to how to paint the steel structure workshop.

  First、 Fabrication and painting of steel frame of steel structure workshop:

1 steel frame can be coated with antirust paint after shot peening and special inspection.

2. When there is condensation on the surface of components, spraying or rain after spraying is not allowed.

3. The uncoated parts specified in the technical disclosure shall not be painted. In principle, the products after shot peening must be painted on the post. After the paint is dry, the thickness of the paint film should be tested, and the next process can be carried out after the inspection is qualified.

  Second、After the antirust paint of steel frame reaches the standard, the top coat can be applied

1. All steel frame parts not covered by shell shall be painted with finish coat.

2. The coating material of topcoat shall not have adverse chemical reaction with antirust paint.

3. The top coat shall be based on the appearance standard of no leakage of base course, and shall meet the inspection standard of paint film thickness.

  Third、 On site painting of steel frame in steel structure workshop:

1.The secondary coating of steel frame refers to the damage of paint film caused by transportation, hoisting and other reasons after delivery of steel frame, which shall be repaired on site.

2. The paint surface should be cleaned of oil, ash, soil and other pollution, and wipe clean. After cleaning, use steel wool and other tools to roughen the paint film and protect the assembly symbol. 3. If the metal surface of the component surface is exposed, the primer shall be applied first, and then the top coat shall be applied.

  Fourth、 Painting repair for steel frame installation in steel structure workshop:

1 the exposed parts of steel frame joints and fasteners shall be painted with finish coat.

2. The parts welded and damaged during installation shall be coated with antirust paint and topcoat.

3. The top coat shall be based on the appearance standard of no leakage of base course, and shall meet the inspection standard of paint film thickness.

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