Steel structure production preparation before processing

Time: 2020-04-24
Summary: The steel structure is a structure composed of steel materials and is one of the main types of building structures. Our company's production preparation work before steel structure processing is as follows.
The steel structure is a structure composed of steel materials and is one of the main types of building structures. The steel structure has the advantages of high material strength, steel toughness, good plasticity, uniform material, and high structural reliability. Dalian Fuxin Guangsheng Trading Co., Ltd. was established in June 2017 and has independent import and export rights. The company's business scope: import and export of goods and technology. We support the processing and production of welded structural parts, prefabricated buildings, engineering equipment, machined parts and molds. The product quality is safe and reliable. A steel structure enterprise integrating steel structure design, production, manufacturing, processing, installation and technical services.
Our company's production preparation work before steel structure processing is as follows:
1. In-depth understanding of steel structure design drawings and related technical documents, and review and proofreading of steel structure construction drawings. Checking content of steel structure design drawings: completeness of design files (design drawings, construction drawings, drawing descriptions, design changes), whether the dimensions of the components are completely and correctly marked, whether the nodes are clear, whether the connection form of the components is reasonable, and whether the welding symbols are complete and reasonable , Liaise and discuss with the design institute on the rationality and manufacturability of the steel structure in time.
2. Deepen the design and refine the construction drawings. Design the construction drawings in detail according to the construction drawings of the design institute, closely cooperate with the design institute in the detailed design of the nodes, and draw detailed construction drawings.
3. Preparation of steel structure drawings, preparation of steel structure process documents, preparation of all steel structure construction drawings and process documents, in order to issue production instructions.
4. Steel procurement, inspection, and storage: The company's process technology department prepares the material usage table, and completes the material specifications and steel numbers. The company's supply department carries out the material procurement, and the quality inspection department is responsible for the re-inspection after the material enters the site. .
  5. According to the variety, joint structure, plate thickness, groove form and constraint conditions of the steel structure materials of our company's processing engineering, compile the catalog, conduct the welding process evaluation, and formulate the welding process according to the test results.
  6. The processing equipment and testing equipment invested in the production of steel structures shall be regularly inspected and maintained.
  7. The steel structure must be welded by a qualified welder. The welder shall confirm the qualification. Dalian Fuxin Guangsheng Trading Co., Ltd. trains qualified welders and performs technical disclosure of various procedures.
  8. Accept the guidance and supervision of factory-based supervision and arrange the working environment for supervision.
Dalian Fuxin Guangsheng Trading Co., Ltd. has a professional steel structure design team. Stable and skilled first-line production technical workers; large-scale steel structure production equipment, production, packaging, transportation, loading and unloading services; in addition, Guangtong also has its own quality inspection department, product quality certification system, welding quality certification system, various testing tools And equipment, and there is a professional engineering team before the solution construction. Companies adhering to the "integrity and pragmatic, innovative and win-win, satisfactory service, the pursuit of excellence" concept, based on a new management model, perfect technical business, thoughtful service, excellent quality as the basis, continuous high-quality service, continuous improvement management, adhere to The customer is supreme, and strive to provide customers with satisfactory products and good service, pursue win-win and common development with customers, and strive to build a sustainable and excellent enterprise.

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