Application scope of steel structure

Time: 2020-04-29
Summary: There are many types of steel structures, and different types of steel structures are suitable for different occasions. The scope of application of steel structures includes the following.
Steel structure is a very important type of building structure in modern buildings. It has many advantages such as high strength, light weight, good rigidity and strong toughness. Therefore, its application fields are also very extensive. There are many types of steel structures, and different types of steel structures are suitable for different occasions. The scope of application of steel structures includes the following:
1. The larger the span of a large-span structure, the greater the proportion of its own weight in all loads. Reducing the self-weight of the structure can obtain obvious economic effects. The steel structure has high strength and light weight, and is particularly suitable for large-span structures, such as city halls, stadiums, aircraft assembly workshops, and railways and highway bridges.

2. Heavy-duty industrial plant structures with large spans and large column pitches, heavy-duty industrial plants with large tonnage cranes, and some high-temperature workshops may be partly made of steel structures (such as steel roof truss and steel crane beams) or all of them may be made of steel structures (such as heavy The steel casting workshop of the machine factory, the shipyard workshop of the shipyard, etc.).

3. The structure affected by the dynamic load is equipped with a larger forging hammer or a factory building that produces a dynamic effect, or a structure that requires high seismic performance. The steel structure should be used because the steel has good toughness.

4. High-rise buildings and high-rise structures. When the number of floors and height of the house is large, the structure of other materials is used, which increases the difficulty of design and construction. Therefore, the skeleton of high-rise buildings should adopt steel structure. High-rise structures include towers and mast structures, such as towers for high-voltage power lines, towers and masts for radio and television transmission, etc. Steel structures should be used.

5. Removable mobile structures need to be relocated, such as the skeleton of production and living houses on construction sites, temporary exhibition halls, etc. The steel structure is suitable, because the steel structure is light in weight and easy to disassemble.

6. When the load of the light steel structure is small, the self-weight of the small-span structure becomes an important factor. At this time, it is more reasonable to use the steel structure. This type of structure is mostly made of round steel, small angle steel or cold-formed thin-walled steel.

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