Attentively create high-quality structural steel products

Time: 2020-05-06
Summary: Structural steel refers to steel that meets specific strength and formability levels. Our company's structural steel products are suitable for various equipment platforms, steel construction projects, steel structure workshops, load-bearing beams, columns, etc.
At present, among the super high-rise buildings in the world, there are 59 pure steel structures, and more than 60% of high-end residences abroad adopt steel structures. Experts believe that the steel structure can protect the environment and save energy, is a group of "dark horses" in the 21st century. In recent years, China's steel structure industry has developed rapidly, and it is currently being strongly admired by the state and local governments. It is expected that the steel structure industry will usher in new opportunities for development in the future, driven by policies.
Structural steel refers to steel that meets specific strength and formability levels. Formability is expressed as elongation after the tensile test is interrupted. Structural steel is generally used for load-bearing and other uses, in which the strength of steel is an important design standard. Structural steel can be subdivided into: alloy structural steel, carbon structural steel, low alloy structural steel, heat-resistant structural steel, etc. The picture shows the production site of our company's structural steel products. Structural steel products have been successfully completed by the workers and masters day and night, and have been successfully completed, waiting for quality inspection.
Our company's structural steel products are suitable for various equipment platforms, steel structure construction projects, steel structure workshops, load-bearing beams, columns, etc. Our company uses high-quality Q235B / Q345B materials, and the size and specifications can be customized according to customer requirements. The surface is sandblasted and rust-removed to reach the Sad3 level, and the paint epoxy primer and polyurethane topcoat are used for anti-corrosion treatment. And it has the following advantages:
1. Good safety performance, stable frame, strong load-bearing capacity and strong earthquake resistance. 2. Flexible structure, firm welding and solid structure. 3. Wear resistance and good corrosion resistance. 4. High hardness and rigidity, quality assurance. 5. Welding seam is full, no air holes, no trachoma, no bite, chamfering around, using drilling.
Dalian Fuxin Guangsheng Trading Co., Ltd. was established in June 2017 and has independent import and export rights. The company's business scope: import and export of goods and technology. We support the processing and production of welded structural parts, prefabricated buildings, engineering equipment, machined parts and molds. The product quality is safe and reliable. The company's business address is Guangningsi Community, Shilili Street, Dalian Free Trade Zone, and now has 9 business employees. Since the establishment of the company, it has continued to develop steel structure products export business in Singapore, Japan and Germany. Complete the foreign exchange settlement business of SGD, JPY and USD.

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