New type environmental protection and energy saving prefabricated light steel structure building

Time: 2020-05-06
Summary: Prefabricated light steel structure building is also a prefabricated light steel structure housing, its main material is the use of cold rolling technology synthesis of light steel keel.
In recent years, the advertisements of prefabricated light steel buildings are very hot. No matter TV, newspaper, magazine or exhibition are everywhere, so most people should have heard of prefabricated light steel buildings. Of course, what consumers want most is a solid and comfortable house. Therefore, for families with sufficient budget, the question of whether to build prefabricated light steel structure buildings is almost an undesirable choice.

Do you like this kind of house? As long as "a little money" costs, you can have a hundred years of housing, but, is this true?

What is prefabricated light steel structure?

Prefabricated light steel structure building is also used as prefabricated light steel structure housing. Its main material is light steel keel synthesized by cold rolling technology. After accurate calculation and matching support and combination, it plays a reasonable bearing capacity, replacing traditional housing.

Compared with the traditional residential buildings, the prefabricated light steel structure buildings have outstanding advantages.

1. High degree of Engineering Mechanization, high degree of commercialization of prefabricated light steel building structure.

2. The construction speed of prefabricated light steel building is fast, which will not affect the nearby residents and is conducive to civilized construction.

3. Prefabricated light steel buildings are environmentally friendly and sustainable products.

4. The prefabricated light steel structure building has good self weight and good seismic performance.

5. The comprehensive economic index of prefabricated light steel structure is not higher than that of reinforced concrete structure.

6. Compared with brick concrete building, prefabricated light steel structure building can avoid the waste of resources caused by brick burning.

7. Because the wall thickness of light steel structure is less than that of brick concrete structure, prefabricated light steel structure can increase the effective use area. The prefabricated light steel structure and reinforced concrete shell can be recycled compared with the prefabricated light steel structure steel, but can not be recycled. The waste and environmental pressure after construction must be dried for 40 years, which is easy to cause indoor humidity and humidity, and is not conducive to human health. The prefabricated light steel structure building does not use concrete at all, there is no such problem.

9. Prefabricated light steel structure has good seismic performance. Because the seismic activity is left and right up and down, the light steel structure connected with M-shaped steel forms a safe and stable box body, which will not endanger the personal safety due to the collapse of the wall or the floor. earthquake

10. The construction of prefabricated light steel buildings adopts dry method, which will not cause waste of water resources and save costs.

The gap between dream and reality: the practicability of prefabricated light steel buildings.

Although prices have fallen a lot, prefabricated light steel buildings are still more expensive than bricks. It needs regular maintenance. Corrosion resistant steel is worse than brick and concrete red brick. Especially in coastal areas, it is easy to be corroded by rainwater. Prefabricated light steel structure has not yet unified national standards, mixed quality, quality disputes are difficult to deal with, no complaints. All of these make people more worried about this problem, so many people are building light steel structure assembly building before.

The prefabricated light steel structure is facing new challenges and opportunities. From "several opinions on Further Strengthening the urban planning and management work" to the national annual government work report, in more than one month, the prefabricated light steel structure has changed from "stability" to "promotion", including policy level changes, so as to promote the consensus of the prefabricated light steel structure, and the application of the prefabricated light steel structure is proposed There are new demands. Since the application of prefabricated light steel buildings in China for more than 30 years, the structural system has been relatively mature, supporting prefabricated buildings. The construction of super high-rise buildings and cultural and sports venues in the city has developed rapidly, and remarkable achievements have been made. The use of factory prefabrication and on-site assembly as the production mode of building components and accessories is the pipeline for industrial buildings with promotional conditions. In particular, according to the report, by 2020, prefabricated light steel buildings will account for more than 30% of the new building area, which shows that steel structure buildings will become a "new leading role".

The "two sessions" of the 2018 government work report proposed to promote the coordinated development of the "four major" regions in the East, China and the west, focusing on the construction of the "region" along the first road, and the coordinated development of Beijing Tianjin- In Hebei Province, the "three" development strategies of the Yangtze River economic belt, including infrastructure, industrial layout and environmental protection production, will continue to increase investment, drive the scale of new urbanization construction and expand the application field and market space of prefabricated light steel buildings.

In the process of promoting people-oriented urbanization, the building area of residential buildings will reach 60-70% of the new building area every year. The new field of vigorously promoting prefabricated light steel buildings is considered by technicians to have the following characteristics:

1. The application field has changed from the urban landmark building to the people's life project, from the past "high-tech, special" projects to residential construction, such as schools, hospitals and affordable housing.

2. The development of urban real estate industry has been promoted to the construction of small towns in rural areas and earthquake stricken areas. Six million shantytowns and 3.14 million households have been built in dangerous rural areas.

In these light steel residential areas suitable for prefabrication, enterprises must research and develop, produce houses suitable for market demand, customer satisfaction and functional housing, lead consumers' life and consumption will through product quality and performance changes, cooperate through enterprise technology, material and industrial chain alliance, apply short board to prefabricate light steel structures, reduce professional system integration products, and steel structure housing costs We should develop the manufacturing of physical products, cooperate with enterprises in research and development, advocate the spirit of craftsman, make excellent products, and improve the manufacturing level of steel structure housing with refinement and standardization. In order to promote the industrialization process of prefabricated light steel buildings, improve the system integration construction and management level of steel structure buildings, reduce the cost of R & D and products, achieve good results, speed up the construction cycle and improve the quality.

1. The Great Wall in Antarctica of China: it was built in 1985. The prefabricated steel structure adopts new materials and technologies, such as polyurethane composite plate and fast setting concrete, and integrates transportation and construction methods. Master Designer Bian Zongshu completed the design of architecture, structure and architectural organization.

2. Xi'an Greenland Center: the steel structure of the building mainly includes the outer frame steel structure of the tower, the inner reinforced steel column and the core tube steel beam, the suspender truss, the buckling restraint support, the curtain wall truss tower top.

3. Hangzhou lottery Plaza: the project design is novel and unique, and the vertical structure system and floor structure system are selected to make the structure have sufficient seismic capacity and comfortable operation; at the side of the building, the frame inclined column around the structure makes the visual impact of the whole building structure stronger.

In addition to the above-mentioned well-known prefabricated buildings, the new environment-friendly light steel villa manufactured by Dalian Fuxin Guangsheng Trading Co., Ltd. also belongs to the category of light steel structure buildings. The prefabricated light steel villa is made of Q235B material. The number of floors and specifications can be customized according to the wishes of customers. The seismic strength can reach grade 7. The surface can be sandblasted and derusted to reach grade sad3. Epoxy primer and polyurethane finish are used for anti-corrosion treatment. It has the following advantages: firm and stable structure; anti-seismic and windproof, beautiful and warm, Solid and comfortable, fast construction speed, short period, high efficiency, not affected by the season; ideal heat insulation performance; excellent anti-seismic performance and durability; green environmental protection, saving time and energy, and flexible.

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