Steel structure welding procedure and general process

Time: 2020-05-19
Summary: The general order of steel structure welding is: pre-weld inspection → preheating and rust removal → welding pad and arc starting plate → welding → inspection
Compared with other construction facilities, steel structure has advantages in use, design, construction and comprehensive economy. The steel structure has fast construction speed, high strength, good overall rigidity, environmental protection and no pollution. Steel structural parts need to be prefabricated and assembled on the steel platform according to the installation sequence and process requirements, and the quality of the welding process must be guaranteed.
The general order of steel structure welding is: pre-weld inspection → preheating and rust removal → welding pad and arc starting plate → welding → inspection
1. Check the bevel angle, blunt edges, gaps and staggered amount before welding. The rust spots, oil stains, and oxide scales in and on the bevel should be removed.
2. Warm up. Before welding, use gas welding or a special baking gun to uniformly heat the base material on both sides of the groove and both sides, and measure the temperature with a surface thermometer to prevent the temperature from meeting the requirements or local oxidation of the surface and preheat the temperature.
3. Recheck the preheating temperature. If the temperature is not enough, reheat it to make it meet the requirements.
4. When installing the welding pad and arc starting plate, the surface cleanliness requirements are the same as the groove surface, the pad and the base material should be close together, and the arc starting plate and the base material should be welded firmly.
5. Welding: The weld bead of the first layer should seal the connection between the base material and the backing plate in the groove, and then be welded layer by layer to fill the groove. Welding slag and spatter must be removed after each weld The welding defects should be removed and repaired in time.
6. An interface must be continuously welded. If it is necessary to stop welding in the middle, heat preservation and slow cooling treatment should be carried out. Before rewelding, it should be heated again according to the regulations.
7. Welding should be stopped in rain and snow, and there should be windshield and rain shed around and above the welding opening of the component. Welding should be stopped when the wind speed is greater than 5m / s. When the ambient temperature is lower than zero degrees, preheating and postheating measures shall be taken as required for construction.
8. Carbon structural steel shall be cooled to ambient temperature after welding, and low alloy structural steel shall be inspected for weld flaw detection 24 hours after completion.
9. Welders and inspectors should carefully fill out the work record form.
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