Anti-corrosion coating of steel structure workshop

Time: 2020-06-03
Summary: In the application of steel structure workshops, relative anti-corrosion coating must be carried out. The following is a detailed introduction to some key points in the anti-corrosion coating of steel structure workshops.
The steel structure workshop is one of the more fashionable plant engineering buildings nowadays, which has already been adopted by many processing plant companies, and has achieved very good practical results in the entire process of application. The steel structure workshop has many advantages, such as simple construction, short construction period, convenient disassembly and assembly, high utilization rate, and recyclability. In the long-term use of steel structure workshops, relative anti-corrosion coating must be carried out. The following is a detailed introduction to some key points in the anti-corrosion coating of steel structure workshops.
1. After the anti-corrosion coating of steel components is completed, a temporary maintenance structure and protective structure need to be set from various aspects to prevent damage to the coating.
2. After painting, steel components are covered by strong winds or rainy weather, they need to be covered to prevent them from being contaminated with dust or water vapor, which affects the adhesion of the coating surface.
3. For the painted steel components, during the whole process of loading, unloading and transportation, packaging is used to prevent bumping, dragging, scratching and other damage to the coating.
4. The steel components after painting should be in accordance with the anti-corrosion requirements of the coating, and pay attention to acid and alkaline liquids.
5. For the working environment temperature of the anticorrosive coating work, the temperature of the coating instructions for use of the coating should be strictly followed, and the corresponding sprayed anticorrosion and ultra-low temperature coating raw materials should be selected for production and processing.
6. If the temperature exceeds 40 degrees Celsius, the coating work should be terminated. When the temperature exceeds 40 degrees Celsius, when the paint is applied on the surface of the stainless steel plate, it will be very prone to vapor bubbles, reducing the adhesion work ability of the paint layer.
7. When the relative humidity is too high or condensate appears on the surface of the component, it is best not to carry out anti-corrosion coating work, especially the water-based anti-corrosion coating, which causes the coating to peel off from the surface of the component.
8. When manufacturing steel members, it is necessary to solve the locations where the anti-rust treatment cannot be carried out, such as processing structural barriers, and carry out anti-rust treatment and anti-corrosion coating in advance.
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