Main points of steel structure construction

Time: 2020-06-09
Summary: The construction industry in my country has developed rapidly in recent years, below Dalian Fuxin Guangsheng Trading Co., Ltd. will give a detailed introduction to the main points of the steel structure construction process.
     In recent years, the construction industry in my country has developed rapidly, and the total number of capital constructions and the scale of construction of steel structure projects have been continuously developed. Therefore, more attention should be paid to the process of steel structure construction. Below Dalian Fuxin Guangsheng Trading Co., Ltd. will give a detailed introduction to the main points of the steel structure construction process.
  1. Create a powerful and efficient construction command team, and plan the supply of raw materials for machinery and equipment, and the configuration of labor and technical workers. We should pay attention to important projects, grasp the construction schedule and find that the problems are properly handled, proceed in an orderly manner according to the construction plan, and carry out construction in a balanced and continuous manner to ensure delivery on time.
  2. Strict construction research is required before the construction starts, and the construction team, mechanical equipment, material supply and supply should be prepared in advance. Once the construction will be carried out, the construction team will be relocated to enter the site, enter early and prepare in advance.
  3. Establish a capable and efficient construction operation team, assign a team of civil engineering, steel structure, and installation equipment with rich work experience to shoulder the daily task of project construction. Investing funds in engineering projects, supporting construction machinery and equipment with excellent characteristics, and improving the maintenance capability of machinery and equipment, ensuring the intact rate of machinery and equipment, and comprehensively improving the construction work ability of machinery and equipment. Create a period responsibility letter and reward mechanism to ensure that the construction will proceed on time.
    4. Fully publicize the positive significance of the project to obtain the support of relevant regional departments and the surrounding people, create excellent environmental factors, and create resource advantages for the successful start of construction and the guarantee of the construction period.
  5. During the construction period of the project, all leading cadres and professional and technical personnel should work hard, optimize the distribution, do a good job in material supply, mechanical equipment preparation in advance, all normal construction, and ensure the maintenance of the overall goal of the construction period.
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