Large energy-saving and high-efficiency coke oven equipment dust catcher car

Group Coke oven
Min. Order 1 piece
Terms of Payment T/T
Update Time 2020-11-03
Item specifics
ColorCustom made
WeightCustom made
Dust catcher car

Product name:dust catcher car
Brand : Dalian Fuxin guangsheng trade Co,Ltd. FXGTSS
Material : Q235B
Specification : Custom
Surface treatment : Sand blasting, rust removal Sad3
Anticorrosion treatment : Paint epoxy primer, polyurethane topcoat
Coating thickness : > 65μm / > 100μm
Application : Mature coke is introduced into the quenching car from the coke pushing car through the dedusting and blocking car guide guide grid. It must have the function of automatically cleaning the furnace door and furnace frame, and is equipped with a full set of dust removal device. 
Widely used in large construction machinery and equipment in mines, thermal power generation sites, and ports.
Features :
1. High efficiency and large capacity.
2. Advanced process design, practical, reliable and low cost.
3. Quality assurance and safe operation.
4. Good sealing, complete dust removal,
5. It has the functions of manipulating the water-sealing cover of the rising pipe and the water-sealing valve of the bridge pipe, and vacuuming and cleaning the furnace top surface.
Installation method : On-site hoisting assembly, bolt connection installation
Delivery time :
10 tons: 15-20 days;
11 tons-50 tons: 35-50 days
Payment method : TT, T / T