Design and build a large and beautiful steel structure office building to create a new type of workplace!

Group Steel structure workshop
Min. Order 1 piece
Terms of Payment T/T
Update Time 2020-11-05
Item specifics
Steel structure office building
Product name:steel structure office building
Brand:Dalian Fuxin guangsheng trade Co,Ltd. FXGTSS
Material :Q235B 
Specification:60 meters long, 22 meters wide, 15 meters high / customized
Construction area: 2640
Roof load value 1.0 KN / M
Shock strength :Level 7
Surface treatment:Sandblasting, rust removal
Anti-corrosion treatment: Paint epoxy primer, polyurethane topcoat
Coating thickness :
65μm /100μm
Uses:As factories, warehouses, restaurants, hotels, shops, logistics warehouses, office buildings, stadiums, hangars and other places. It is suitable for single-story and large-span buildings, and can also be used to construct multi-story or high-rise buildings.
1. Light weight, high strength, large span, wind and earthquake resistance, safety and reliability.
2. Good corrosion resistance, sealed and fireproof, durable and convenient for maintenance.
3. Beautiful and durable, the steel structure building has simple and smooth lines, with a modern sense.
4. The steel structure is environmentally friendly, energy-saving, and recyclable.
Installation method: On-site lifting assembly, bolt connection installation
Delivery time:10 tons: 15-20 days
11-50 tons: 35-50 days
Payment method : TT, T / T