High-quality train turning machine parts for loading and unloading materials

Group Steel structure parts
Min. Order 1 piece
Terms of Payment T/T
Update Time 2020-11-13
Item specifics
Train turning machine parts
Product name: 
train turning machine parts
Brand:Dalian Fuxin guangsheng trade Co.,Ltd.  FXGTSS

Surface Treatment:
Sandblasting, rust removal Sad3

Antiseptic Treatment:
Paint epoxy primer, polyurethane topcoat

Coating Thickness:
65μm /
Loading and unloading mechanical parts that can turn or tilt rail vehicles to unload.
It is suitable for ports with large transportation volume and industrial sectors such as metallurgy, coal, and thermal power.
1. High strength, high rigidity, smooth surface and high flatness.
2. Acid and alkali resistance, collision resistance, abrasion resistance and durability.
3. The work is stable and reliable, and the operation is convenient.
4. Compact structure, easy to manufacture and maintain.
Installation Method: 
On-site hoisting assembly, bolt connection installation

Delivery Time:
10 tons: 15-20 days
11-50 tons: 35-50 days
Payment Method:TT,T/T