Professional design and supply of multi environment full bucket wheel hydraulic excavator

Group Excavating machinery
Min. Order 1 piece
Terms of Payment T/T
Update Time 2020-11-16
Item specifics
hydraulic excavator
Brand:Dalian Fuxin guangsheng trade Co.,Ltd.

Specification: Dwy2000, Dwy3000, Dwy3600, Dwy5000, Dwy6000 / Customized
Excavation rock hardness: F7
Uses: large-scale open-pit coal mine stripping and mining engineering, river, lake pollution control engineering, large-scale long-distance inter city water diversion engineering, low-lying land reconstruction engineering, land reclamation engineering, tailings control engineering, land rehabilitation engineering, highway construction engineering, etc.
1. Low noise, energy saving and high efficiency.
2. Reduce heavy physical labor, speed up construction and improve labor productivity.
3. Quality assurance, customized according to customer needs.
4. It can realize manual, semi-automatic, wireless remote control and remote monitoring of equipment operation.
Delivery time: 1 set / 45 days
Payment method:TT,T/T

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